Visiting the Statue of Liberty – 3 Cool Facts & Fun Things to Do

World famous for its symbolism and one of the most recognized landmarks across the globe, the Statue of Liberty towers over the NY harbour while residing on a 12 acre island in Lower Manhattan.

Here are some cool facts and a list of fun things to do when visiting the statue of liberty.

Top 3 Facts About the Statue Of Liberty

1. This monumental attraction was gifted to the United States as a present from France in 1886 and was treated as a welcoming beacon for immigrants traveling to the U.S. through water.

2. The full official name of this magnificent torch-bearing statue is the ‘Statue of Liberty Enlghtening the World’.

3. The statue measures up to 152 feet from the base to the tip of the iconic torch.

Fun Things to Do When Visiting the Statue of Liberty

1. Be sure to visit the Statue of Liberty exhibit which can be found on the second floor of the pedestal inside the monument and has a vast array of photographs and prints and artifacts detailing cool facts about Lady Liberty and her history.

2. Indulge in an audio tour of Liberty Island and visit all the major attractions while you soak in the history of the place.

3. The second floor balcony will reveal the Torch Exhibit which features drawings and cartoons and a lot of other cool stuff that display the history of the torch.

Three Ways to Liven Up Your Family Room

Modern families lead hectic lives, which often results in a neglect of family time. Combatting the pulling away from family in favor of friends and technology takes many forms, including redecorating the family room in hopes of drawing tweens and teens out of their bedrooms and into the communal space. These three tips for creating fun family rooms should make that task easier.

1) Go Oversize: To transform a room into the most appealing place to lounge is to make it the most comfortable place in the house. A large sectional couch will not only provide daily seating for the family but also offers a natural place to visit with guests, perhaps inspiring the younger generation to invite friends over after school. That possibility increases if the TV receives a size upgrade too!

2) Provide Options: In order to give the room functionality beyond just watching TV, remodelers would be wise to offer tables appropriate for homework or board games, or other features such as a reading nook. The amount of time family members converge on a remade room immediately increases when there are more ways to use it.

3) Get Them Involved: It is far to easy for a parent to just choose the colors that appeal to them or, even worse, coordinate with the style represented in other rooms. This path neglects the tastes of the younger generation, who will use a room less if they find it to be unappealing. Simply asking for suggestions will make reluctant young people feel more invested in the results of the project and thus more likely to use the room once all the work has concluded.

The inevitable growth of children to adults inspires sadness and pride in parents. Creating a family space, assisted by these three tips, increases family time and relieves the sadness.